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Originally Posted by sixto View Post
I can and I'll do a better job of it as my list is updated in Excel, but why don't they? Why doesn't Netflix tell me I rented/watched that movie a couple of months ago?

Lucky you and your bins. I added a column to my list telling me where the part is since everything goes into nondescript boxes in deep shelves. My list shows a shift rod bushing in one box and a shift rod bushing with clip in another box

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Looks like we need a support group! How to better organize Mercedes spares.

The reason things do or don't happen in Capitalism is because of money. So, if these folks can get you to spend your money for something you already bought or rented, why would they stop that?

It isn't as it seems. I don't know what all is in them, and they are the little ones! Think it is time to pull the trigger on a vintage Dymo! I used to have a modern one, but was all plastic and quickly broke!
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