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Originally Posted by rscurtis View Post
I did the switchover today. Here are the results. As an unscientific method to determine any viscosity difference from the MB coolant and distilled water, I measured the amperage draw on the circulator pump before and after the change. The viscosity difference results in a 7% increase in wattage draw- from 8.08 to 8.68 watts. Both of those figures are with hot coolant. Regarding its specific heat, the heater will still blow you out of the car and the temperature gauge reads the same as it did before. Note the warning label- NPG does not contain EG, but is cautioned in the same fashion as conventional EG coolant.

I used two gallons of their prep fluid to remove all the water from the system. It can be recovered and used again until its water content is about 10% measured with a refractometer. I disconnected the heater core and blew it out separately. The most difficult part of the job was the block drain, and then the tedious refill process until the heater core and water pump are bled.

There you have it, no politics and no spin.
I found it!

Made the leap, but man is it expensive! But, my Service Dog is worth way more, even if I went out and bought a puppy. Always has scared me having that nasty stuff around and when doing a flush being stuck with it. Now no need to ever flush and can drain the fluid and put in another engine if so needed.

B.T.W., they are now saying 3 percent water, not 10 percent. So, I went and got the spectrometer also. No since doing it part way and having issues.
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