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Benzmac and MB Stars:
Now I am really confused. I read the schematic again, found that the aux fuse holder for the ATA is referred to as a relay code K in the Fuse Box location diagram. They were right before my eyes after removing the Fuse Box(F1) lid. Theree is no cover over the aux fuse holder on my car, and did not see any phillips scres either.
The fuses QTY(2) are OK upon testing with ohmeter.

Am I looking at the same aux. fuse holder as you guys are referring to? Any sugestions on what other parts of the ATA circuit do fail? The symptom is that the alarm (lights and horn) do not come on. The 2 connectors at the front passenger footwell are connected, however, locking the car with the master key to arm, then opening the door from inside or pressing on the brake will not trigger the alarm.

again, as always, thanks for the help....
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