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Hein Werner floor jack service

I have as a spare a Hein Werner floor jack a neighbor left to me when he moved. It's gotten to where only the last bit of lever throw provides any lift and the lever goes limp when the wheel is just off the ground. I saw some videos about servicing floor jacks but I can't apply them to this -

I want to check the o-ring on the piston but the clevis pin that engages the 'connecting rod' to the lever necks through the connecting rod so I can't simply press out the clevis pin. Does the lever have to come off to extract the piston? If so, how do I manage that scary spring that holds the lever vertical?

What are the plugs that take a hex bit and a slotted screwdriver? There's another plug looking thing that takes a Philips head screwdriver on the other side of the lever selector gears.

87 300D
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