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See the Volvo in My signature. I have owned the Volvo since 1992 and after the Engine Block was overhauled it has been way less work than the Mercedes.
It simply does not have the Rubber parts to deteriorated like the Mercedes does and I have had no issues with Bent Window Regulators and there is no Vacuum System to deal with.
I did have a short in My Electric Lock System for a while due to the Wire insulation in the a Door falling apart. But, all that did was sometimes cause a drain on the Battery.

On My Model no CV Boots to go bad.

If the Vacuum Pump fails it is not going to damage the Engine.

The Volvo is a simpler and more conventional Car more like a US Car from that time Period.

Volvo Diesels are rare around here; but if I had found another one I would not have bought the Mercedes.
I have only ever seen one in the Junk Yard. You are not going to find a used Volvo Diesel Engine very easily.

The weak link in the Volvo is the Throw Out Bearing and the Clutch does not seem go be strong enough. With the Flywheel resurfaced and a New Clutch and Plate it still slips too easily. I am thinking the Clutch is the same as the Gasser Clutch and simply does not deal with the Diesel Engine torque well.

However, the Interior is not as well made as the Mercedes is. On day My Glove Compartment cover just fell off. The Glue had given up holding it.
84 300D, 82 Volvo 244Gl Diesel
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