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My Mk1 eye ball tells me that the lower part of the spring in this picture =>

<= is more or less uncompressed. You don't need that much more movement of that lower cup attached to the LCA to get the spring out. It is just snagging it. (Sure the upper part of the spring above the spring compressor will also move a bit)

As you have a jack under the LCA (phew!) then you are able to control that last bit of the removal. If you try and twist / rotate the spring (gently!) then you can feel how much compression there is left in the geometry.

I'd remove the brake stay - separate that big joint from the bulkhead and the stay so you only have the brake stay rod sticking out of the side of the LCA - loosen the eccentric bolts (so you don't nadger the inner LCA bushings) and then lower the LCA and catch the spring as it comes out.

At a guess you only need to lower that dish by about 1 or 2 cm.
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