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Originally Posted by Jpow83 View Post
I was under the impression that, if a glow plug was bad, there would be a message on the dash computer. That would truly suck if that was the case ��
That would be nice if those sort of things worked like they were supposed to. (This reminds Me of what I was told when I was in College taking My Respiratory Therapy Training. No matter what Lab Tests or Electrical Monitors indicate you need to focus on what is going on with the Patient.)

Pull off the Glow Plug Relay and inspect the Relay Fuse for cracks or burnt. See if the Screws that hold the Fuse down are snug.

Take your Volt/Ohm Meter and follow the Diesel Giants Pictorial on Glow Plug Repair (this is not an endorsement to buy parts on that site). An adequate digital Volt/Ohm Meter is cheap at Harbor Freight stores.

You don't need to get dirty and the whole check will take about 3-5 minutes and you will be 95% sure if the Glow Plugs are working or not.

If your year and model has a Vacuum Shutoff on the Fuel Injection Pump disconnect the Hose at the Fuel Injection Pump and plug the Hose end. If it starts OK like that you may have an issue with the Vacuum Shutoff Valve on the Steering Colum Lock.
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