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Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
I had a MAJOR concussion two years in February. Are you saying I am still having affects from it? I do have blank moments, sometimes even where I have a hard time remembering what I was doing right in the process!
I would be amazed if you did NOT still have issues two years on. I was told you have four years after the incident to recover functionality, beyond then odds are 90 percent against further improvement. I am happy to say that wasn't true for me, I did notice some improvement in later years. However I also have moments as you describe, but since I got some professional care (only a few years ago, after performance issues at work resulted in me being sent for a medical evaluation, where a physician and a psychologist raised the alarm over the lack of care I had received post-accident for the psy aspect... I had only received physical therapy) I am now able to accept where I am at and stay in the moment, rather than getting angry with myself over the deficit. Understanding you are limited, and that is that, really helps.

It is pretty scary. I have met many people socially since who have shared stories about loved ones or friends who had awful problems with post-concussion, including two women whose husbands went off the deep end with drugs and alcohol and left them (one killed himself). Divorce rate for post-con patients is very high within five years of incident.

Originally Posted by Adriel View Post
Why was the tool wrap not either in the wagen or in the tool box? I have the same issue, and on the second set of screw drivers, which at the rate I am going, will have to be replaced.
LOL if I knew that, dude, we wouldn't be having this exchange. The whole idea of the tool wraps was to avoid what you are going through (screwdrivers are THE worst, I now have bits and pieces of three sets). So far that aspect has worked very well. The wraps are very big, probably 25 pieces in each, so they don't fit in my toolboxes. But I always tried to keep them together (I have one for screwdrivers and two for wrenches), so I am doubly pissed at this.

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