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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
I would be amazed if you did NOT still have issues two years on. I was told you have four years after the incident to recover functionality, beyond then odds are 90 percent against further improvement. I am happy to say that wasn't true for me, I did notice some improvement in later years. However I also have moments as you describe, however since I got some professional care (only a few years ago) I am now able to accept where I am at and stay in the moment, rather than getting angry with myself over the deficit.
Nice of the doctors to tell me that!

Guess I need to put that in my accommodations at the University. Then, at least they know I am not lieing about forgetting an assignment! Though Google Calender has been a big help.

Four years? Guess I better start in on treatment! I was too busy for my health, but an E.R. visit has changed that...

Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
LOL if I knew that, dude, we wouldn't be having this exchange. The whole idea of the tool wraps was to avoid what you are going through (screwdrivers are THE worst, I now have bits and pieces of three sets). So far that aspect has worked very well. The wraps are very big, probably 25 pieces in each, so they don't fit in my toolboxes. But I always tried to keep them together (I have one for screwdrivers and two for wrenches), so I am doubly pissed at this.
How about a spot, bin, or box?

My issue with the screw drivers is doing something with them, getting side tracked, and setting it down somewhere. I had the second set all neatly in the drawer, but then didn't get finished with the Mercedes repair...

Where did you get these roles from?
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