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Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
How many hours? I'd have to say not many folks would have the patience to do this job!
Many many more than I care to remember. It wouldn't surprise me if I had spent 20 hours on this job. Totally ridiculous - about half the time was spent using the wrong tools and working out which will work and which ones won't - a quarter of the time was spent flipping out and stressing out about "being careful".

It is a little bit like the first time you take out an engine - the second time goes quicker - and by the third time you can compete with the lads at the breakers yard...

...Today within three hours I lightened the last of the heavy pistons - that included a trip to the shop (took about 50 minutes) to go and buy yet another dremmel cutting tool.

I reckon I spent about 50 euros in dremmel cutting tools and those arse bucket little rolls of sand paper - next time milling machine - next time pay someone else to do it - it is a 30 minute job if that with the correct tools.

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