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alright, I understand that but...

stevebfl just one more thing that does not make sense to me.

if for the pre 86 cars the middle is 8ma, why does my car drop down all the way to 0ma when I'm coming to a stop, and then it refuses to go back to 8ma until it goes over 2k rpms. The car will hesitate and miss because of this, but as soon as the current jumps up, it takes off like a rocket. Would adjusting the Air flow sensor pot correct this? Because it won't matter how much gas I give it from a stop, the current will remian at 0 until 2k rpm is reached.

Tomorrow I'm getting my tune up kit, so I will see how the car does, but the parts that will be replaced have nothing to do with the electronic controls of the engine.

If it does not help, after I do my driveshaft, I will get a new pot for the Air Flow sensor, I believe it to be faulty, but I can still try to adjust it a bit.

Can you suggest anything?

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