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So a bump to this old thread. I have a (factory) Gentex mirror in the Jetta and Passat and really like them. I also had one in my Audi, which I got at the boneyard for cheap.

I got one installed in the MB yesterday. I used a mirror from a 95 STS. No compass.

I took apart the MB mirror. I don't know of a way to take these apart without breaking them as the front retaining piece is glued in all the way around. I removed the ball socket from the MB mirror and trimmed it so it would fit in the back of the Gentex housing - the MB mirror stalk has a ball on the end, the Gentex mirror has a ball that bolts to the back.

I glued the MB attachment to the Gentex mirror with some JBWeld:

The Gentex mirror retainer is clipped onto the "body" of the mirror and wasn't too hard to remove with a plastic pry tool. While I had it apart I changed the green LED out with an amber one I stole from an extra MB dash switch.

The MB mirror ball screws on to the end of the stalk. The original bolt hole on the Gentex housing gives access to tighten it down:

I ran thin wires under the rubber on the MB mirror stalk up to the dome light where key switched power is available. Overall I think the install came out nice, and the total cost was ~$20. A great improvement of the stock manual mirror, which wasn't working totally right anyway.

The Gentex mirror is slightly narrower than the original MB one, but it's not a big issue.

PS: Have you ever wondered what that yellow goo that ozzes out around older MB mirrors is? It's the glue from masking tape used inside the mirror. If it were possible to take the mirror apart I'd recommend doing so and removing the tape so your mirror doesn't get covered in goo, but like I said earlier I can't see a way to get the mirror apart without damaging it.

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