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Should I restore the 84 300D?

Ok, so I gotta 84 300D that needs some MAJOR TLC. I bought it a few years ago from a shop in NJ that got their hands on it from some teen who starved it of oil and they said it "seized". Well me, I bought it for $600 because the body was really nice except the paint and the interior is excellent MB tex. I got the car to run a few times and eventually it stopped running which I expected. The tranny is in good shape as I took it up and down the Street with no delays in reverse. At this point anything could happen to the car as it's been 4 years since she's been moved, but I'll just keeping fixing it if it does see resto or car heaven. I got access to a 1980 240D with an EXCELLENT motor except the body rot (MA car never taken care of except engine). This car runs and starts like no tomorrow after a year. I took a battery after a full year of sitting in the ground and in the cold and she started right up. I know the legalities of the swap with a 240D in a 300D, but I could use a 2nd toy right now! Think this thing sounds like I'm too long of a project? Or restore the 240D with the good motor and fix both and rebuild the engine in 300D? Opinions... I got all the time in the world!
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