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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
There has always been a fair amount of crossover between folks interested in Volvo and Mercedes. Quite a wave back in the 1990s when Volvo went down the FWD road and many people who had been Volvo stalwarts for years became disillusioned and jumped ship to Benz and BMW.
I learned to drive on F.W.D., and the Volvo was my first R.W.D.. After which, I knew I would never go back to F.W.D.. More stable and less complexity. Thus, will never own something new, as most are F.W.D. including Mercedes I.I.R.C..

Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
Many people said the 240 diesels were underpowered. I drove two and don't agree... anyone who said that never drove a US-spec B21f automatic (a particularly anemic 4-cyl. gas spec model).
I have the B230f, so 114H.P. of furry! Being in the lighter 200 series, not a lot of fancy ding fobs to tow around. I think I have surprised folks how fast that sucker can get up and go. Normally drive like grandpa, but was seeing if possible to beat the next light as uncoordinated. Basically the thought was if takes the same fuel to idle at the light as romping, why not romp? However, checked the figures and not the case. So now I sit at the pointless light and be a good driver. Speaking of which, get in the mid 20's with the modifications, so must be doing something right.

Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
The 240 was/is a terrific car for Canadian winters. One car magazine said it was the best RWD ever made, for driving in snow, and I agree. Even on my tank of a w116 I needed four winter tires to equal the Volvo's stability with only all-season tires in winter.
Don't need snow tires for a Volkswagen Type 3 according to those that have driven in the snow with them. But, it is because of that superb handling of the Volvo I learned by trial and a couple "errors" how to drive R.W.D.. The Mercedes 300TD-T does well for a S.L.S. wagen! I was doing VERY well in my class at a driving safety course. I could get her to loose grip just right and was fun!

Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
I am actually sniffing around for a 240 series to use as a winter car right now. Unfortunately they were the equal of old Mercedes for rust, so they aren't easy to find around here anymore.
Wish I was closer! Mine make a good beater in that the paint and body work isn't perfect. It was a Midwesterner, so does have some surface around the rear bumper and along the hatch, but can't find anything structural.

Originally Posted by CalicoJack View Post is a great Volvo resource for those who currently have one.
Interesting! Odd format, but does look active and useful. Even has a Classifieds section.
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