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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
It depends. What are your goals? How much time and money do you want to devote to this project. Restoring a rustbucket with a good motor will take a lot more time and money then putting a fresh motor in an otherwise good condition car. Or you can buy a fairly recent car in good running condition and have basic transportation for not much money.
Just the fact I inherited these and I don't think I can let them go. Hence I'll never drive anything but a Mercedes, so I just sink my money into these and keep driving them. I know I'll never get anything out of the cars. I decided I'm gonna restore both starting with the 1980 240D. I love the 240D's 4-speed!

Short To-Do list on both cars so far
1980 240D:
1): Remove all carpeting and seats and start cutting the floor board sections that need attention and welding in new metal in the drivers side front & rear
2): Cut surrounding areas of quarter panel arch(s) and use good rust-free arches (I'm glad I cut those a few years ago from another 123 knowing I'd need them )
3): Cut and weld in the new metal inside the trunk that needs lovin'
4): Acquire replacement fenders, doors, trunk and hood
5): Rebuild front & rear suspension and brake system

1984 300D:
1): Pull engine and get a used good motor
2): Install motor
3): Acquire used good rear bumper
4): Rebuild front and rear suspension + brake system
5): Fix the taillight wiring
6): Drive it till the wheels fall off!

Probably sounds expensive and I know it will be and I think I've lost my sanity trying to resurrect the 80 240D, but I know I can do it and what else do I have to do?
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