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Awesome. Got over there right after I made my previous post in about 7 minutes. I brought over two batteries (one working, one unknown I have), got over to the Brown 240D and put in the known working battery, threw it in let it glow 2 times for good measure and she started and ran like a champ. Performed well. A 20 second walk over to the other shop and asked about the 81 240D there and why it's there... It's been overheated, but still runs ok so I checked around for rust and it's got some, but I can get all the body parts for the Brown 240D from that (doors, hood and trunk and two fenders) and fuel lines aren't rusty so I have spares for the 240D. I'm gonna come back for the 81 240D and MY brown 80 240D is getting driven back tonight. I'll get the 84 300D tomorrow then start tearing the 81 down. Got back quick. Oh and the CD changer just stopped working in my 99 E300. Lovely! But I got another system in mind so no biggie. But it'd be nice to hear some CDs too until I gather the cash after I fix my 123s...
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