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I'm having success cleaning what I thought was a really trashed 126 Palomino carpet. I took it to the pressure car wash and blasted the dirt out. SEM Palomino is a good match.

Next time I'll remove the backing and clean carpet only. It is not warm enough to get a complete dry & I'll have to hit the parts car for the backing. The Interior Man suggested using contact cement to glue the carpet.

For now, I'll do all carpet and rear shelf. Will do vertical panels and roof as I have reason to remove them. The carpet will look almost new.

The local paint store was the only place that had SEM and was charging full retail ~$15/can. It can be had online for $10 + shipping. Online is worth it if you need a case. The back carpet was really faded and took almost 2 cans to get back to full color. I haven't tackled the shelf or front carpet yet.
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