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Thanks to all who responded to my situation.
I just placed an order online for a brand new oil cooler, I intend to reinstall my hoses as they were not leaking only the cooler was. I just wanted to replace everything at the same time but price prohibits that idea.

I considered a used cooler, but seeing how mine is used and it leaks there are no guaranties with a used part. It may last a long while or only a few hours/days/weeks. Seems like every time I try to save money with a used part it ends up costing me more in the end.

This is my wife's daily driver and she loves the car. I would like to consider selling it and buying something newer but she says 'Heck No'. She loves it and wants to keep it in good running order for a few more years, so we decided to go ahead and order a new part.

BTW I did take my leaky cooler to a radiator shop, they were not very interested in trying to fix it when I dropped it off, then they sat on it for a solid week and never got around to looking at it, also the 'screwed nipples' I ordered from the dealer were not the correct size when they arrived as someone mentioned they might not be, so that forced my decision as well.

Thanks Again.
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