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Originally Posted by jay_bob View Post
My 17 yo son was driving and our 14 yo son was in the passenger seat. They were coming home from band practice about 7:30 pm last Monday night. It had just lightly rained for a couple minutes and stopped. The asphalt road was very slick due to the oil rising to the top with the slight rain and no more behind it to wash it off.

He was coming off the main road (limit 45, he says he was doing somewhat less due to the rain) and began to make the right turn coming into our development. He understeered, he says he turned the wheel but the car kept going straight. He hit the 4" concrete median curb at a 45 degree angle. The median had a flower bed in it so the only casualty besides the car was a half dozen pansies.

Car does not have ABS, I suspect he may have locked the front wheels when applying the brakes to make his turn. I think the slick asphalt caught him by surprise.

He did the Richard Petty teen skid pad course at CMS last fall, he remembered what to do, let off the brakes, but just ran out of road to get it straightened out again before hitting the curb.

What is important is that no one is hurt, the car can hopefully be fixed, and my kids are safe.
I did something similar in my old 190c fintail in 1974.

On a fresh snow I was making a turn in the parking lot where I worked. As I turned I decided I might be going too fast and put on the brakes locking them and slid over the rolled curb. (If I had not panicked I might well have made the turn if I had not put on the brakes!)

The car came to rest on its subframe. I got a co-worker with a 4wd suburban to pull me off IIRC. No damage done.
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