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Need Some Good Info! PLEASE!!!

I have sold all my Mercedes to a friend. One of them I was in the process of replacing the broken 300D engine with a good 240D engine. He is now tackling the job and he is a newbie to the MB diesel world. He is need of a drive shaft for a 240D automatic. I thought I had the correct one for the job. Does anyone have the correct length for the drive shaft? Also, the car has an automatic in it but we have found out that the shifting rod is too short now with the 240D installed. There are not enough threads to adjust the rod out long enough to work. We can fabricate something but would love to know the exact length we are gonna need. I know I am asking for a lot but I sold him these and he's gotten to a place where he's stuck and can't go any further. Any info pertaining to the issues would be appreciated.

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