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94 e320 battery issue..maybe?


Last week our 94 e320 had to be jumped a couple of times. After the second time I had my wife go to the local service station and test the battery. They took a look at it and said the water was very low..couldn't suck any out for a test. They filled it back up and said we may need a new battery but was unsure because he couldn't properly test it with the water so low at this point. He suggested charging it overnight with the new water addition and seeing what happens. He jumps the car and she drives home. I didn't get a chance to charge and it was fine like that for about 3 days.

Yesterday the car is dead again. I tried jumping it and no start. I even pulled a battery from one of my Miata (half size of benz) and no cranking, nothing. I took the battery to NAPA, left it overnight for a good charge and they report it is now fully charged. Can I expect it to hold after a good solid recharge?


94 e320 74,000 miles, battery looks fairly new but unsure of age because the top month/year sheet is not punched is an Interstate battery I can post battery specs later after I pick it up from NAPA.

If I do need a new battery, any suggestions?
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