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1987 W124 300TD No Electrical

I've got a strange one: we had a torrential 4" downpour a month ago and my 1987 300TD was on the street. The water in the gutter was well up to its bumper. Never seen anything like it. The water subsided and about an hour later my alarm (lights and horn) go off. I go out, turn the key and turn the alarm off. It does it again 30 minutes later and I do the same thing. 30 minutes or so later it does it again, so being that it was 11:30 at night, I pulled the fuses for the lights and horn. I didn't see a listing for an alarm fuse. I leave it like that for 5 days or so to let everything dry out, I then go out put the fuses back and she fires up no problem as always. I drive her around that day but notice the power locks aren't working. A couple weeks go by and the next time I try to start it I get nothing electrical: no dash indicators, no buzzers, dome lights, nothing. I pull the 1-year old battery, stick it on a charger which says everything is good, give it a 30 minute charge and put it back in. Still absolutely nothing. This car has always been a perfect starter and I have never had any electrical issues. I did read there is some sort of module (possibly under the driver seat?) that is for the security system. I read the module could be bypassed and it sounded like I could then get my doors back. I don't honestly care about an alarm on this car. But now the more immediate problem is the lack of anything electrical with the key in. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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