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now for getting it back into closed loop

Thanx for the explanation stevebfl, it seems that you know a lot about this, I've been trying to figure this thing out for quite some time now but I never got any concrete answers, so maybe you can provide some insight to this if it's not too much trouble.

So far you are exactly right, the car does run rich, very rich actually, I pulled the spark plugs and every single one was covered in a LOT of black powdery residue. I also know that the mixture adjustment screw has been tampered with since the cap is gone, and who knows how it was adjusted. I'd like to get the car running with the right mixture.

I think the car can be much more economical then it is right now. I'm no mechanic yet, so I try to take things slow and make sure I got all scenarios covered before I proceed because I simply don't want to mess anything up.

Would you say it would be a good or bad idea to try and lean out the mixture by adjusting it with the screw on top of the fuel distributor since the electronic controls can't lean it out anymore even when the EHA current drops to 0. I know you can verify this with the duty cycle meter hooked up to pin #3 on the diagnostic port, you also mentioned you always richen the mixture a bit for performance reasons, I guess I should follow your lead.

If this adjustment does fix the problem of the engine running rich, will it put the system back into closed loop? I understand that failure of any of the subsystems will throw it out of closed loop.

One last thing, why would the EHA current jump to 56ma when the decel switch is engaged while cruising above 60kmph, once the speed drops below 60kmph, the current drops to 8 and heads down to 0, any idea what could be causing such a big step there?

I would appreciate any help you can give, I hate to be a bother but if you could just point me in the right direction, or a source where I could find out more about this system, I would be forever grateful.

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