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Extractor vs. Drain

These threads are almost as common as oil threads. Try the following easy experiment.

Get your oil up to temperature, then suction the crankcase. Before adding oil, get underneath and remove drain plug. See what comes out.

MBs of all ages are designed for suctioning the crankcase. That is the way it is done at the dealership. The dipstick tube goes down to the lowest point in the crankcase, even lower than the drain plug. You DO NOT have to insert a plastic suction tube to the bottom of your dipstick tube. You only have to seal the tube from your suction unit to the top of the dipstick tube. A MityVac extractor includes a plastic cork with a hole in it for that purpose. If not a MityVac I'm sure you can find another way.

You can carpet your garage in white shag if you suction your oil. That said, it doesn't hurt to get under the car once a year to see what else is going on.
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