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Yeah have seen some junkers at the auction for sure. This is a '91 300SE with 132985 miles. Clean Carfax. Straight body, checked all around with a magnet to find bondo repairs and found none. Found no undercar leaks. AT fluid does not smell burned. Slight gassy smell in the engine oil, but needs a change. Rotors look about new, no significant grooves. Tires are 95% all matched. All accessories work as well as the sliding roof. Black leather seats could use some cleaning and re-dying on the drivers seat. Drivers heel wear on the floor mat. It looks like a pretty nice, black on black 300SE.

Could most likely get if for around $3,500. NADA is $11,125 Trade-in, $10,025 loan and $13,400 Retail.

Have seen the same sealent on other 3.0 engines. Mainly around the base of the distribtor. Just wondering what may have been repaired to use sealant.

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