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Computerized engine management has done wonders for keeping engines from dying prematurely. What used to be a miracle is now commonplace and expected. First trade in for most cars today is around 120k miles and they'll go for many more miles unless abuse or rust takes them out of service. But the old MB diesels seem more impressive because they were manufactured at a time when cars were not expected to achieve this kind of mileage. They stand out in our minds because there are fewer examples from the same vintage to compare with.

I can make a nice list of vehicles / engines that I've had that make 200k miles, and until a couple of years ago I wouldn't have touched a Benz. The tops on my list is one of these:

I've had multiple versions of these and I've never disposed of one with less than 200k miles. The highest mileage I achieved before rust out was 294,000. I currently have a '94 from Virginia that's got 250k and zero rust so the potential's there, but we only drive it a little bit each summer so chances are slim that it will get to the milemarker.
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