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Originally Posted by shertex View Post
You've been training it all along....when you reset, you will untrain....only to train again.

My car has spent last 15 years being trained by the PO. It must now yield to my will. Mwahahaha.
Shertex is correct. The system is adaptive, meaning it adapts all the time.

There are some instances when you want to reset it, say you have been househunting or something and driving slowly and up hills through neighborhoods, that can disrupt the patterns (I learned that myself when apartment hunting for a friend!). The quick reset gets you back to baseline, and the car behaves normally and then adapts.

Any time there is a driveability issue (bad maf, o2 sensor, etc.) then the transmission adaptations should be reset as it has been adapting based on that bad data.

There is a procedure that will lock the shift behavior where you want it (until it's reset); it's outlined in the W210 forum stickies at BW.

Hope that helps.
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