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Recently had new engine and tran mounts installed, at the same time as the harmonic balancer assembly. After a 6hr trip (75-90 MPH--had to keep up with a Corvette) the engine feels like it "rocks" forward when warm. When I come to a stop, holding the brakes, the engine feels like it is pulling and drones/vibrates badly, like it did before the mounts. Let off the brake--sounds fine. I have noticed the mounts for the pass side engine shock seem worn, and the shock itself seems slightly loose. The droning sound only seems to happen when the car is warm, and is especially bad when braking at the bottom of a hill.
What is the importance of the engine shocks, and are they what keeps the engine from "rocking" forward? The mechanic that changed the harmonic balancer thought the injector pump might need to be calibrated, but would that cause this condition?
I am anxious to get this cured, as I carry people in the car regularly. It sounds like an old rickety car now, not like a Benz should.

R Talley
84 300D-T
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