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Originally Posted by Dan Stokes View Post
Sounds like a great plan. Not what I'd call a "restoration" but I'm an old fart and stuck in my ways! You'll end up with 2 nice cars out of the deal.

Oh, and that 4 speed set-up has value. It wouldn't be all that hard to transfer to the '81 but it also can be sold for decent money. I bought an 83 240D just to get a good 4 speed setup, which is going into the S-10. I paid $650 for the 240D (decent but not perfect body) - by the time I parted it out I had $250 in the stuff I kept.

The 84 will see a full restoration in the future as that's my plan. It'll be a project I'll work on over a few years. Engine rebuild lower-end and top-end, trans rebuild, suspension rebuild. The 81 240D once it's got the engine from the brown 240D I'm just gonna drive that one like that the way it is daily. I plan on getting the 81 240D ready for winter so I drive that in the snow and not the W210 Diesel and 84 300D. Since both the 84 and w210 are rust free especially the W210. Oh and the 4-speed is going up for sale soon!
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