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Originally Posted by OM617YOTA View Post
Higher miles has never bothered me. 100k on a modern vehicle, even a domestic, is nothing. Miles on the odometer is only a snapshot - how the vehicle was cared for and the current condition of the vehicle is much more important.

Caveat: The above only applies to manual transmission vehicles. I have a phobia of automatic transmissions. I wouldn't even consider an automatic transmission vehicle with more than 100k miles, and any vehicle I bought would be purchased with the expectation that I would have to replace the transmission at around the 150k mark. Any time the transmission lives past 150k to be purely borrowed time. A auto trans vehicle with more than 150k would have to either have a recent receipt for a transmission rebuild from a reputable shop, or the price would have to be VERY significantly reduced, to cover a rebuild in short order.

Edit: Kind of funny, the only transmission I've had fail on me was a manual. It was loaned to a friend for a couple months, they didn't keep up on the fluids, was driven for several thousand miles with insufficient fluid.
Take a look at this:500,000 miles in 07 cab & chassis

It's also been hooked up to a fifth wheel trailer for its whole life.
'83 300D, 126K miles.
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