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I read up on common causes of the bucking/stuttering problem, including the EGR workaround procedure, but it seemed like such a kludge to me - I took the car in to K&H ******** in Houston. They confirmed the intake flaps are working OK, and the EGR itself is operational. They even tried a refurbed ECU - long story - to no avail. The stuttering remained. Finally the mechanic told me that frankly he could not find the actual reason why the car had the problem, and he could keep digging around but in his opinion he'd just disconnect the EGR and drive with the check engine light, since it doesn't really hurt anything although if it's on all the time you don't know when something else goes wrong.

After all that I did the EGR workaround where the EGR tube is cut and blocked on the exhaust side, and small air filter is put on the EGR "intake" - the EGR itself is still operational - present and accounted for as the '97 ECU demands. Forum member jfulford also recently did this.

I tend to be a skeptic when I repair something - I usually give things a month before I declare a fix a success - but after 250 miles things are OK - no stuttering and mileage seems to be up - will report back after a couple of fill ups.

Thanks to all who responded to my other long-winded posts.

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