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Originally Posted by Zacharias View Post
I am starting to like this whole idea but would prefer to end up with a housing for the filter, a la Mach4's work on his diesel SL (pic attached from another thread).

Any ideas?
I should probably put everything in one place on this, but here are some links to help you along

380SL Diesel Conversion Project
380SL Diesel Conversion Project
380SL Diesel Conversion Project
Cal. Air cleaner or cold air intake?
catch can & cold / hot air intake how to

Keep in mind that the Cali turbo sits quite high compared to the other models, so you may have some fitment issues with a turbo that sits lower on the engine. Also mine is in a 107 chassis not a 123 or 126 so that may present some other issues as well.

I'll bet you could easily adapt the poleshady solution with my housing strategy
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