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Originally Posted by tip View Post
I am looking at purchasing a 300TD to replace my 300D. The seller has been upfront with the issues. So far it it needs a vacuum pump (missing), a rear 'a-arm' (pnp arm included) and it has 'air in the fuel system' due to PO installing injectors.

I don't have an issue with the vacuum pump and suspension, but the air in fuel system is giving me second thoughts. Why would someone go to the trouble of installing injectors and then not bleed the fuel system? Possibly other issues? 300K+ miles.

Would you buy a car like this, given everything else checks out okay? Car is ~ $700. PNW people probably have seen this car on craigslist, its been on for over a year.
We need at least a year model on the 300TD for correct answers.

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