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I am poised to buy a 1994 SL320 today or tomorrow; the car (red/parchment/with hard top) has 32,000 miles and looks brand new. The only thing the MB dealer (who is not the selling dealer) found wrong on a prepurchase inspection was a drop of oil at the head gasket. Neither the service manager nor the tech were particularly concerned (just a drop, no mixing of oil/coolant) or thought it needed to be attended to. What do you guys think?

And, any potential problems with this car in other areas? I can buy a 4-yr, 50,000 miles extended warranty (not a Mercedes warranty) at "dealer cost" for $1500. Worthy investment? Covers a lot of expensive stuff -- AC components, steering components, brakes components, fuel injection, suspension ... any problem with most of that stuff would pay for the warranty, no?

Lastly, is $40k too much to pay for the car?

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