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The new brake booster hose arrived today. Threads on the nut at the booster end had a bit of metal shaving firmly stuck in them. Typical of the quality of Genuine Mercedes parts these days. They cleaned up OK and the hose went on without much trouble, but the outcome would have been quite different if I had not first checked.

The smoking and lack of power off idle appear to be symptoms of a fuel flow problem, probably the tank screen and a fuel line leak at the tank. The hesitation disappeared, along with the air bubbles showing in the clear lines, after the fuel lines were temporarily reversed. Still a touch of grey smoke from unburned fuel, but that could be from the B99 in the tank. The new Monark injector nozzles have also quieted considerably now that they are getting better fuel flow.

Now that the vacuum system is closed up and fuel delivery is at least adequate, the car is ready for a good drive to see if transmission response is improved. Since the tank is full, the tank screen inspection and fuel pressure tests will have to wait. It will be at least another week before the tanks on the '79 are depleted enough to take the 20 odd gallons that need to be emptied. The electric fuel pump that was a component of the removed "biodiesel conversion" is still working, and it will help greatly with the fuel transfer. Time do do a little cleaning on the interior, and figure out how to replace the antenna (or just the mast?).
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