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OM603 87 300SDL Injection pump leak at top.

I've been fighting leaks at the injection pump and have an interesting series of events to ask about.

I've had serial fuel leaks involving the injectors, high pressure fuel lines, fuel return lines, and injection pump. Have chased down various ones, fixed them, only to have new ones surface. About a year ago I replaced all the delivery o-rings in the injection pump, and for a while the top end of the injection pump was staying dry.

Now the leaks have started again and the problem goes like this: In response to a series of leaks between the nut and the delivery line at the injection pump, I've ended up replacing all of the metal fuel lines, one at at time, with lines that looked fine from a parts car. One at a time because starting with the line going to cylinder #3, a leak would start at the nut at the injection pump end; I would replace that metal line and the problem would be fixed for 50-100 miles. Then the line to the NEXT cylinder would spring a leak (#4), I replaced THAT line, same result: OK for 50 miles, then a leak springs up at the #5 line. Then #6, then BACK to #1, and finally #2, until all the lines were swapped out with ones from the parts car. At this point the top of the pump stayed dry for about 200 or 300 miles. Now today ALL 6 lines appear to be leaking again in the same spot, at the nut holding down the line at the injection pump.

From various posts, I would be looking at perhaps replacing ALL the lines again, but this strange sequence of leaks makes me wonder what else might be going on.

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