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Originally Posted by charmalu View Post
I`ll bet most of the W123`s on this Forum or any other forum, have rotted out Horse Hair Pads on the rear seat back rest..

Looking at World Upholstery or GAHH, they only show pads for the front seats.

My 80 240D rear seat back if about totally gone, and under the seat it looks like burnt toast all crumbled up.
The only place to find a good used seat is in PNP, and only if that vehicle had been garaged most of it`s life, then the Horse hair is in reasonable condition.
Even if the MB Tex is in great looking condition, usually the cloth fabric is ripping along the bottom edge.

Well I found a good looking rear seat back rest, I think out of a 84 300D at PNP. But is a sort of light sand color, and I have I believe Bamboo. Of course the tuck n roll is different, more padded and a few more rolls I believe, and the 240 is a little flatter. Iam not going to Pebble anytime soon to the Concourse car Show. so maybe before I do, I can source the proper seat.

I finally got the seat all scrubbed up and good looking, the Horse hair is still in relative good condition. I found a couple stickers inside the seat on the pad and seat frame, and Googled one of them to see what came up.
123-920-2416, and it is the rear seat pad, still available from the dealer, but for a price. Click on the link, and there is a list of most of the pieces available.

The rear pad is $368.00.
REAR SEAT CUSHION,REAR BACKREST. Fits: Mercedes | Mercedes-Benz of South Atlanta

Be sure to be sitting down when you see the price for the rear seat bottom springs.

I checked with our local dealer for the wholesale price for the pad, $294.00

MB# 1239202416

IMO it is silly paying that price.
Check with your local upholstery shop, most can make new padding for the base or back.

Wifes W116 280SE rear seat was critical = only frame and skins + crumbs/dust.
Base and Back restitched, cotton edge replaced + new padding, assembled back on the frames, the TOTAL = $350.00 USD.
I will try to get pictures in the next week.
He has done rear seats on W126 and earlier chassis for the same cost.
Price changes if the skins are damaged or shredded, but he can make OE quality or presentable daily driver replacements (you decide which).
If you need contact data send me a PM.

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