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Greetings I am a new Benz owner and I am in the study process in regards to know all the gadgets on my 92 400E. I have a few questions for you.

Question 1:
My understanding is that using the "normal" setting the system automatically cools or heats depending on the outside temperature. Does this mean that the AC automatically comes on when the selected interior temperature is lower than the outside temperature?

Question 2:

Out here in Sunny San Diego I rarely need to use the AC. I tried using the Economy mode which I was told corresponds to the "Normal Setting", except the AC compressor does not engage in EC mode (fuel savings). In addition, while using EC mode I set the fan to Automatic. Maybe I'm missing something here but I thought by doing this I would be distributing outside air within the vehicle. What is the purpose of the EC mode and what is the right way to use it? My intent is not to use my AC or have my windows always down.

Question 3
I've notice several MB owners with their Sun roofs up and windows closed? Apparently they are not using their AC. I'm curious as to their climate control settings. Unfortunately I do not know any MB owners yet.

Thanks in advance

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