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Originally Posted by AUDIBLE View Post
Some of the clips are gone, but it also leaked when all the clips were there. Must replace them, though. I used to over-tighten, but I don't THINK I do any more. Maybe 1/16 of a turn with a wrench after they are hand-tight?
Over tightening can also damage the seating area in the Delivery Valve Holder although it rarely happens.

Where I worked we used to have a big box of new O-rings, Gaskets and Copper Washers left over because the Gasket Kits covered a range of IPs and not all were used in a rebuild.

When I just had to get something going and I had a leak at the Delivery Valve Holder or the Injectors between the Fuel Injection Hard Lines and those parts. I selected some tiny Copper Washers and inserted them between the leaking parts and tightened the Fuel Injection Hard Line Nuts down.

Not a permanent solution but if you did that and the leaks stop it would show you what the cause of the leaks is.

All of the line Clamps/Clips need to be in place or vibration will cause the lines to crack. Sometimes they crack anyway but it is odd for all of them to crack.
Normally only one at a time cracks.
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