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As someone who does a lot of powder coating, I discourage clear powder coating large surfaces of polished metal whenever I can, as a polished finish doesn't leave much for powder to grab hold of, and once the finish is broken, it's not easy to fix without stripping, repolishing, and recoating. The end user is almost always better off just polishing the raw finish occasionally with one of the many products that leave a thin layer of anti-tarnish sealer behind. The defunct Zoop system comes to mind.

The only part of my cover that I polished was the star, which I then masked off for the base coat of a charcoal metallic powder coat. Clear coat was applied over the entire cover, including the polished star, so it is sealed completely. I have to say it looks pretty good, but seeing as how it is the only part under my hood that is even remotely nice looking, I don't exactly show it off much.
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