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Originally Posted by aieeegrunt View Post
Argle bargle one of the injectors in my 78 300D looks different than the others, I wonder if this is the reason why one cylinder always seems to be late firing up from a cold start
This is on the 1985 and later Injectors that have the 2 external Fuel Return Nipples:
The manual has that the 2 versions of the Injector Bodies can be mixed on the same Engine as long as the Opening/Pop pressures are set within the limits for the Engine Application.

You cannot mix the 2 type of Injectors parts together as they have different dimensions.

Another issue is that if you look in the Manual at some point they increased the size of the centrally drilled hole that is in the Injector Pintel. So if you installed an older Injector on a newer Engine it could have the smaller Hole.
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