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Originally Posted by minsk View Post
weird question
is there a correct way to install a dashpot.
i blew through it one way and air wouldn't go through.
flipped it over and blew in it... way air went through.
this is the dashpot in the engine compartment ..drivers side
confused in pittsburgh
I think we need a better description or a picture; and, what Vehicle you are speaking of. Sounds more like some sort of Check Valve.

On My Year and model the only Check Valves are in the Main Vacuum line going between the Brake Booster and the Vacuum Pump and down by the Fire Wall where the Locking System Vacuum Lines connect.
There is another Check Valve but it is screwed into the Vacuum Pump Housing.

The later model had a more extensive Vacuum System with a Vacuum Amplifier and other Vacuum Components I don't know about as I had not paid attention to the diagrams I had seen.

Dashpots on Gasoline Engines where there as a means of momentarily delaying the return of the Throttle. Anyway that is what I remember about them.
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