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4 speed Manual transmission decoding

Hello, I found out that I am missing the arms that connect the shifter rods to the stumps that stick out the side of the transmission. I may have found a source for some arms for this transmission but I don't know what kind of trans. I have, so I can find out from the seller what he has.

He says the transmission has 130,00kms on it but the engine is a 2.0 L Diesel and has been rebuilt 5 years ago, which does'nt quite make sense unless they ran the engine out of oil?... not alot of kms to warrant a rebuild unless some sort of catastrophy...anyways... He says the engine is from a 1973 200 series car. He is selling just the motor and trans. and wants $300 for the trans. by itself. He has asked me to find out where he should be looking for a number on this transmission, but I don't exactly know because the numbers I found on mine appear to be stamped on parts that are bolted to the main case. The main case has a few numbers but none that are familiar or even stating 716 005. The russian vin decoder says this is what the car has, but failed to find anything on the transmission itself that confirms this.

I finally found some numbers that I would like to find out about.

Here they are: Stamped on a small pad on the bottom of the main iron case (facing the ground when installed) are these numbers : 922652

On the side of the main case and cast right into the iron are these numbers: 115 C61 25 01. There is a faint mercedes star cast into the iron right before this number. The "C" cast after the 115 looks like it could even be a backwards 3...not sure.

On the side cover where the shifter stumps stick out there is this number:115 261 19 19. This side cover is aluminum and removable.

On the aluminum bell housing these numbers: 13 on top of:
R115 251 2701
On the aluminum tailshaft piece are these numbers:R115 261 26 20
Underneath is 30

On the flywheel itself... cast into the backside of the flywheel (facing the transmission when installed) are these: numbers: 617 032 0001 AWK

Also this number on the opposite side with respect to the center bore of the backside of the flywheel: 200982.

I am curious what the numbers on the flywheel mean about this part and what kind of transmission we have here?

Where could I tell this chap to look for numbers on his tranny? Where are the designate numbers suppossed to be from the factory?

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