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There are 3 parts to the key:

- the physical metal key for the locks (drivers door, glove box, trunk)
- the DAS (Drive Authorization System) authentication chip
- the RF/IR unlocking system

The physical key has to be cut to match your locks

The DAS authentication chip is an RFID device (I believe it is the same exact device they use to tag animals) so its serial number has to be registered into the car's computer in order for the car to recognize it.

The RF/IR door lock coding has to be synchronized to the car. I believe this happens automatically when you insert the key into the switch.

For these reasons I think you will have to at least have someone that has STAR DAS (the dealer diagonstic system - different meaning to DAS) to program the DAS module in your car to accept the key.

On Startek there is a copy of the MB policy on theft relevant parts, it is one of the documents in the same place where the older model FSMs are located.
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