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w123 wagon sls part question

I recently purchased a 1983 300td wagon. Was a bit neglected, however, as an ex-cCalifornia car the body is in excellent condition.

The previous owner had deleted the SLS by simply disconnecting the lines to the rear strut and installing a standard shock absorber. The result - a car that sits way to low and has a very bouncy ride.

I was desperate to restore the SLS to it's original state, so I managed to score 2 brand new hydraulic struts ($370 for the pair!).

Everything for the SLS is there pump, accumulators, reservoir, lines etc.

I was all ready to fit the struts, throw some hydraulic fluid in and hope for the best, when I realised there is some kind of adapter that connects the fluid line from the accumulators to the strut.

Thinking it would be a standard type of adapter I took it to several hydraulic shops who told me they had no idea what type of thread is in the strut not metric, standard or pipe thread. This part is not available at benz dealerships in Canada part no 123 328 0271.

Anyone have any idea what the thread type is or is there is an alternative fitting/adapter I could use?
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