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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
Beautiful engine bay. Looks like an 85 CA diesel, like mine, except my engine failed and I now have an 81 engine. Interesting air filter.

Perhaps you can easily answer a few questions to help me. I will install the 85 air can w/ custom hose to the turbo inlet (lower now) since I can't stand the 81 air cleaner vibrating. Did you plumb the blow-by overboard or does the hose circle back under the air filter? My 85 tee'd a tube direct to the turbo inlet (oil drops?) and a tube to inside the air filter (gases). I forgot if the 85 engine uses the smaller oil drain port (behind bigger turbo drain). If so, where does the tube go? I currently have the 81 tube that goes to the bottom of the "shaker air filter" (oil recovery box inside), but will cap off unless I need that port.
It is indeed an '85 diesel.

Here's a wider view that shows the setup of my blow-by system.

The valve cover vents into a custom catch can. (This is an early picture before I installed the new air cleaner and the brass overflow tank)

Here's a detail on how "clean" air returns to the turbo inlet at the back of the air filter.

Finally, on my swap, I'm using the "smooth" upper oil pan from an early 617 that has the drain port for the oil separator (the later pans do not have this), so I can have the catch can automatically drain back into the sump.

Hope that helps.
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