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Originally Posted by sleepstar View Post
is there a part #, or dimensions for that o-ring? i have to pull the brake booster soon to replace a sway bar bushing. i know that o-ring exists and needs care, but i've never seen dimensions or a part #
May I make some suggestions?

If you do not already have a set of extensions, buy a set. Ditto with a universal joint. Craftsman makes a very nice set that has extensions, universal joints, and adapters; saved me many a time! You will need a socket, then joint, then at least a 6" if not also an aditional 3", extension, preferably 3/8" drive so nice and thin. You will have to unplug the cruise control. Hopefully you have small thin hands to help guide this contraption to the top left nut. Absolute pain to get at, especially when putting the nuts back on! I bent the bracket slightly to gain just enough space. Getting the booster back in will also be a pain. Get the nuts just started, then install the cotter pin and clip. The clip might put up a fight. Put the pin in from the left so you have space to get the clip in. Wiggle until the pin goes through.

B.T.W., don't need to remove the master cylinder!

If you are replacing the anti-sway bar bushings, are your U.C.A. bushings and ball joints good? If not, make the bushing job much easier. Can give you tips on that too!
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