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Originally Posted by sixto View Post
Are you sure it's an '85 190D 2.5? As far as US models, the 190D 2.5 wasn't offered until the '86 model year. I strongly suspect it's an '85 2.2 or an '86 2.5. The 5-speed should work with the '84 but you'll have to customize the prop shaft (not easy), the shift linkage if the 2.2 sits further forward than the 2.5 (not easy), and possibly the transmission cross member (easy). 5-speed and all the things are usually listed for $600-1200. Check the parts forum. How much would I pay? You'd have to pay me to shift a transmission

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It must be a 86 then, customize the prop shaft? Wont I have to use the 86 drive shaft? $600 to $1200? That is a lot of money, I will call them and ask how much they want for it.
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