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Shift quadrant lamp change

Shift quadrant lamp change
1. Carefully pry up and remove the black plastic trim piece around the shift quadrant.
2. Remove the center console "glove box" (the one with the sliding wooden door) by removing the two long Phillips-head screws in the front (need flashlight to see them).
3. Remove 1 Phillips-head screw holding the rear of the center console wood to the console. DON'T BREAK the little plastic tab!
4. Carefully lift up the console wood. Some of the switches may come with the wood, unplug their connectors; other switches will stay in the console.
5. You may have to shift out of "Park" to get the wood over the shift lever. A lot of it depends on what you have in the way of switch options (heated seats, for example).
6. With the wood out of the way, locate a small bulb socket with 2 wires at the left front of the shift quadrant, down inside the console and hard to see. A flashlight helps.
7. Pull the socket out -- I don't think it needs to be twisted but it's been awhile, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
8. Change the bulb and reassemble.
9. Be careful putting the wood back so that the switches go back in their holes smoothly. Wiggle as necessary and make sure none of the electrical wiring gets pinched.
10. Also be careful putting the black plastic trim strip back. Notice it has four tabs -- they go into four matching slots in the frame of the shift quadrant. The tabs must all go in their slots and the trim strip goes in only one way.


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