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Unhappy Sadly realizing Benz ownership might not be for me anymore.

I’ve had to do some soul searching this weekend. Finally decided that I like the idea of owning a classic Benz more than actually owning it. I love the W126 engineering and think it’s one of the greatest vehicles ever designed. I’ve put about 100 miles a week on it for the last 13 years. But for the last year or so it’s been feeling more like work than a fun hobby.

My big goal was to reach half a million miles. Only 32k to go and very achievable with the engine at 85k on a rebuild, the transmission at around 120k and the rust monsters largely avoided. But that goal is still 5-6 years away at the rate I’ve been driving it. So now I question the sanity of devoting that much time to just achieve a number on a gauge. (And pridefully point out to my Father-in-Law how long I’ve kept his old car running.)

I think the tipping point was moving to a house without a garage and my wife starting to work weekends. Now I find myself stressing about when I can work on it with daylight available and no toddler or dog to watch. I’ve kept up with the essential stuff: brakes, fluids, valve adjustments. Just seems like I never find time to fix the center vents or go to the yard to find a power seat switch. And those are the little things that you need to make the car feel enjoyable.

I want to thank all the members of this forum. I never could have kept the car for 13 years without this community. The level of support you provide is miles above anything I see on boards for other makes. People here have driven an hour to bring a part to a stranded person they’ve never met. Nobody on the Camry forum would do that.

When I first got the Benz, I was nervous to change my own oil. Dad never trained me to do much beyond changing a flat and checking the dipstick. Now I’ve built front ends, pulled manifolds and replaced wheel bearings. Thank you PeachParts for helping me develop a mechanical side to my skills.

I will think about it a little while longer, but most likely will put the old girl up for sale next week. I hope she goes to someone who’ll show her respect and get her to 500k. I will refuse to sell to anyone thinking of an unheated, single tank WVO system. She deserves a lot better fate than that.

I’ll get misty eyed as I hear that klata-klata-klata for the last time, but it will probably be for the best.

So long and thanks for everything,
Greg Schwall

1983 300SD - 465,000 miles
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